How Free Stuff Sites Work

How Free Stuff Sites Work

Is there really such thing as free samples and why some companies choose to give away their products free of charge? A simple answer to this is – companies give products for free as a marketing move to improve their chances of being more visible on the market and getting more customers on board. Marketing campaigns have different approaches and plans. Some running at the same time, with the goal to find out which one is the most profitable method. Some campaigns are regional and some national. No matter the volume and duration of the campaign the goal is to sell the products eventually. And if giving away free samples will help, well that is the way to go. Companies announce this free sample giveaway, and emails, contacts, and preferences just keep piling to their database. To request the free sample, you are asked email, address and sometimes few short questions about your product preferences. All this data help the companies to gather more details and information for future marketing campaigns and of course product development.

You as a new customer will provide the company with basic information, and in return, you will get the product. Free of charge and no delivery cost. A freebie, free sample, free product just for you. Both sides will get what they are looking for. Getting freebie is a simple process, and it is not surprising why so many people are signing up and using JustFreebies, and other sites which can help to get more offers. But what is behind this simple system of free samples delivered to your address.

Are samples really free?

In the world where money speaks, is there such thing as a free? Free for good, free of charge, no money paid. Are just some of the marketing phrases often use and misleading. A word free to some means – no cost involved. To others, it means to watch out as there has to be some trick. The trick is often revealed as a product not delivered. It is easy to understand why people are skeptical about the free samples and hard to convince to request one. Word free has the power to catch the attention of those who are not willing to consider the product. And once the company has the attention of the customer, the same customer expects to get what promised. The customer expects the products to be free as stated, and most important – delivered.

JustFreebies understands the frustration caused by never deliver products. So much time spent in the search for good deals and request only never to receive the stated products. Samples are free. But the time invested from customer side to request the products is not. It is a genuine idea and interest of the producers to send out samples so the customer can consume and test the product to become a happy paying customer. However, there are some steps involved in the process of sending out the freebies. JustFreebies will show you how the system works. We’ll teach you few tricks and reveal some secrets and popular belief about the world of free samples. Requesting a sample is simple as entering the email address, but it is not all you need to know and do.

What are the freebies sites and how to get free products?

JustFreebies, same as other freebies sites is a platform with the list of the products other companies and producers have put online and available for all those willing to try and test to get them for free. Free of charge. Like other platforms, JustFreebies has the list where you can check which products are available and in a few click, those products will be sent to your doorstep. Freebies sites are not the product supplier, but merely a simple a link between you as a consumer and company. A company is a product supplier, and on the freebie sites such as JustFreebeis, you can get the information what you need to do to get the product. As a third party in the process of claiming the free product, JustFreebies will redirect you to the company website to complete the order. Once you as a customer get involved in the ordering process, JustFreebies or any other site are not in charge of delivery or the order process and questions involved.

The best way to request freebies

Justfreebies has a goal to connect you with as much as possible companies giving out freebies. A free product is always best product. This is why we’d like you to know what is the best way to request the free samples. Companies are giving free samples when the new product is available, or they are doing a marketing campaign and rebranding. The best way to be ahead and aware of the mentioned situation. It is recommended to keep an eye on new advertisements, follow on social media and check the newspapers. Once you find out when the X company is giving a free sample, it is pretty easy to request the sample on the website.

On the other hand, not all have the time to follow the companies, or merely be in a loop with all newly launched products. This is where JustFreebies comes in. Sites like JustFreebies save time to consumers as they collect the offers, remove old one or scam. Eliminating unwanted offers, collecting current one and simply doing the legwork work for you will help to have all the suggestions at a glance. List of free samples will be presented in clear, concise and easy to navigate way so you won’t miss any. No scams. Just free samples organized by company, category, and instructions how and where to request your freebie. Every single offer on the site leads you to the official company website where you just need to enter your data.

Entering data and requesting free items also means you will receive a lot of promotional material and newsletters about current and future offers. A primary reason why companies give the samples is to get you interested in the product. The other reason is the same company gets your details such as contact details, email, gender, and location. All the data can be used later on for marketing purposes. More products you request free sample more companies have your data and more promotional emails you will receive. Some customer like to open a separate email address and use them to get free samples. Before requesting a product set up new email account just for the free samples. This will help you have it organized.

Not all samples are sent to the customers

Now, this is a part where people feel being tricked by a marketing guru and big shiny sign saying free. They did request product, but it was never delivered. Companies have a whole list of the request when sending out the free sample. We will name just some of the requests or reasons why the product is not sent out and delivered.

First come, first serve

Companies send a specific product to get the consumers feedback and reviews. However, this does not mean the company will send a free sample to all looking to get one. The number of free samples is limited, and in most cases, samples go to the customers who are first in the line to request the product. The number of free products does not match the number of customers interested. In most cases, samples are sold out in just a few hours since advertising. In some other cases, offers are valid for a specified time only. The number of people looking to request free samples is in constant growth, and there is always an interest. The number of the request will grow with each time company is announcing the giveaway. Nowadays this means the company will use multiple social media channels, newspapers and TV ads. Demand for the free samples will grow, but the number of allocated samples always stay the same. And first come, first serve rule is the one company follows in this case.

Location Matters

For higher chances of getting the product delivered check the address of a company and warehouse address. Deliver cost can go up for long-distance shipping destinations, and companies prefer to send out the products to those living nearby. Your chances to get the free sample delivered are higher if you search the products nearby your location.Companies receive thousands of requests, and in most cases, they can’t handle all applications at once. There is a certain number of products, and in those cases, your location matters as it saves company’s time and money. Higher the shipping cost, fewer chances for you to receive the product. Simply put, the company wants to advertise the product, they are willing to give the sample for free, but if you think if, from a business perspective and company’s position, the last thing company wants, in this case, is to lose money on shipping cost.

All free sample ads will have a clear sign saying something in the lines – sign up and get your free sample. Signing up does not mean you will get the free sample. Keep this in mind when you do sign up for a free product. Also, keep in mind that every time you sign up and request a product it also means you’re increasing your chances of getting it delivered. The not delivered product does not say you did something wrong or your data is incorrect. It just means either you’re location is not close to the company’s premises or a warehouse where the product is shipped from, or samples are already sent out, and you’re just a bit late.


JustFreebies site gives an overview of how free sample system works. We have talked about the reasons why companies offer the free sample, methods and how to increase your chances of getting the freebies delivered. As mentioned, there is a method in the way how samples are sent and if you do not receive sample first time you order it, it does not mean this is the case always. More offers you find and request on JuetFreebies means more chances to get it.

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